Happy New Year 2023!

Couple of updates & a lot of changes this year:
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We had to move our summer events to July 22 and July 23rd at Tenmile and Siltcoos.  This is the final change.  Huge shout out to Dustin Sortor and Oregon ABA for accommodating the changes to our schedule.  We do our best to not overlap each other and 
Dustin helps us tremendously by adjusting their schedule around ours. 
The 2023 Western Regional is scheduled to be September 13th-15th.  The venue is TBA, but the RUMOR is somewhere on the Columbia River.  Don't bank on anything here as all this could change, but that is the info we have so far. 
This 2023 Regional will be the LAST Western Regional BASSMASTER hosts.  They are implementing a new system that will begin in 2024.  The short version of this is that they will now be hosting 4 "qualifiers" across the country. These qualifiers will still allow 10 teams from each state, but will also include a first come first serve sign up for any of the at large BASS nation membership. Up to 250 boats at each event.  The BASS Nation National Championship  (Starting in 2024) will be 250 boats.  165 will be from the states own qualifying.  Oregon gets 2 spots based on membership counts.  Some states get up to 8.  The remaining spots to fill 250 will come from the top placers at each qualifier.  It is very unclear where and when these qualifiers will be.  
The positive is that Oregon gets to send 4 guys to nationals now. (2 boaters, 2 non-boaters).  How these 4 will be determined is TBD. This is all very new news to us and we have to work out the best way to move forward still.  We will have the details out on this in the coming week or so.

2023 Brings new officers to Oregon BASS.  The 2023-2024 Officers are as follows:
President: Josh Marthaller
Vice-President: Frank Scarla
Secretary:  Tom McArt
Treasurer: Jarred Walker
Tournament Director: Ryan Sparks
Past President: Jason Hooper
Conservation Director: Lonnie Johnson
Youth Director: ________
Big thanks to Jason Hooper who served as the President for more years than we can count.  More goes into keeping the Oregon Nation running than it appears on the surface.   Every year Oregon BASS has been able to subsidize the majority of the costs for 12 and 20 man teams to travel and participate at the regional and national events.  This happens through lots of hard work and time spent fundraising.  
This new leadership group takes on Oregon BASS Nation in very healthy financial standing and with a good following of anglers.  We look forward to the coming season with fresh ideas and hopes to grow the sport within our state.  One of our primary focuses this year is to get new bodies into our circuit and build up the community that is bass fisherman.

Our 2023 Calendar looks like this:
Feb 11 - Frostbite Open @ Tenmile  (Not a points event!)
April 29 - Qualifier @ Boardman
April 30 - Qualifier @ Hood River
July 22 - Qualifier @ Tenmile
July 23 - Qualifier @ Siltcoos
*** POSSIBLE FISH-OFF [TBA] based on new format from BASS NATION.  Please read previous posts. 
Registration will be available online and via mail in soon.  These events ARE NOT PERMITTED as of now.  Will be first come first serve to fish these events.  We will look into permits if the interest looks like it will demand one.  SIGN UP EARLY!! 
The fishing format this year will be going back to a PRO-AM style draw, but with a SHARED WEIGHT. Much like WON BASS & NewJen format.  Boater and Non-boater entry fees, points, etc... will all be separated though.  $150 boater entry, $75 co-angler entry.  This has big fish built in.  This format caters to introducing some new anglers to our circuit as well as facilitating more enjoyable days on the water getting to work with your paired partner for the day... rather than against them.  
We will ask that you SIGN UP WITH A PARTNER to keep the numbers even.  If you cannot find a partner we can give you some ideas on how to get one, but there should be enough guys out there willing to fish to make this work.   More details on this to come. 
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Josh Marthaller 971-218-0876